Waste is a major cost for companies and a burden on the environment. By separating this waste and recycling more residual streams, we contribute to a better environment and a reduction in waste costs. L&K Plastics is a young and dynamic organization that goes further where other recycling companies stop.From purchasing, sales, collection to processing, everything can be done in-house. With the right advice, we work with you at the source to create the optimal separation of your waste streams into monostreams. This helps us to make better use of these flows as high-quality raw materials for the plastics processing industries.

Medewerker laat stukjes plastic uit zijn handen vallen.

The journey from waste to raw materials


The process of plastic recycling starts with the collection of waste streams.


These waste streams are delivered (loose or baled) or transported to our site ourselves.


The waste streams are sorted into monostreams or stripped of unwanted materials.

Shredding and grinding

The waste streams are then shredded to make nice-sized grinding material.

Washing line

After shredding, the material undergoes a washing process to remove any contamination.

Raw materials

The result is a clean, high-quality raw material for the plastics processing industries.

Ingedeukte flessen/bakken

Why recycle?

Waste is aburden on the environment and a major cost item for companies. By separatingand collecting this waste in the best possible way, we can create a second lifefor these waste streams. In this way, you are acting in an environmentallyresponsible way and saving on your waste costs.

Sustainable recycling

Examples of materials we process include: Big Bags, drip tubes, pots and trays, plastic pallets, wheelie bins and crates.

With our knowledge and experience in the recycling industry, we guarantee sustainable recycling of your residual flows. Our aim is to reduce the burden on the environment and make more waste streams ready as raw materials.

Afbeelding met drie buizen met daarin stukjes plastic

L&K Plastics, the partner for recycling plastics

Choose a greener future! Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions and provide tailor-made recycling solutions for your business. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while creating value for your business.